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A Builder, An Artist

With a degree in fine arts, owner Billy Cooley approaches residential and commercial construction in a unique way — focusing on form, design, and function throughout the building process. 

Billy’s background in art, paired with nearly 20 years of experience in the construction industry is the natural convergence on which Next Step Builders was founded. With the philosophy of building a quality structure with a low lifetime cost, the organization focuses on quality materials selection and realistic budgeting/scheduling for each project. Whether you begin with an empty expanse or want to transform an existing structure into something uniquely yours, Next Step Builders will build excellence each step of the way.


The Artful Approach bridges the gap between fine art and contemporary home design.

Contemporary Design​​

The Artful Approach creates homes, businesses, and living spaces with long-lasting appeal. Using quality structural elements, featuring inherent aesthetic appeal, our renovations efficiently transform dated interiors into sleek modern spaces.

 This is unique to Southeast Wisconsin, where few builders have the experience and expertise required to implement design features like flat roofs and cantilevered structures.

Reduced Lifetime Cost​​

One of the largest hidden costs of home ownership is the reoccurring and future maintenance expenses inherent in the design of the building. Next Step Builders places a strong emphasis on building longevity and low-maintenance components. Durability of features like PVC siding and insulation products that far exceed code minimums ensure that each Next Step building will require minimal maintenance in the foreseeable future.

Modernizing History​

Many classic design elements remain timeless, providing homes and businesses with charm and character rarely encountered in modern construction. Next Step Builders seeks to preserve these unique features, while also looking to further develop the space in question for the evolving requirements of modern daily life. Past Next Step experiences have ranged from mid-century modern renovations, farmhouse restorations, and downtown “Old World Main Street” type renovation projects.

Heathly Houses​

A healthy home begins by designing a structure to withstand the elements and provide comfort within the home. Air exchangers are included to provide excellent air quality throughout the home. Proper ventilation plays a key role in removing excess humidity, airborne pollutant particles, mold, and odors from home interiors. Healthy living options like antimicrobial countertops and windows engineered to reduce exterior noise transmission create healthy and pleasant living conditions for each Next Step homeowner.

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